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Booth Standards

Booth standards have been designed to ensure safety and fairness to all Exhibitors. Show Management reserves the right to restrict exhibits, which because of noise or any other reason are objectionable, and to close without indemnity the exhibit of any Exhibitor who, after notice, refuses to conform to the Policies and Standards as outlined in the following documents, including but not limited to, your Exhibit Space Contract and APPENDIX A - POLICIES & STANDARDS GOVERNING EXPOSITION which apply to all Exhibitors. The following is a summary of some of the key points of which you must be aware. Click here to download a copy of your APPENDIX A - POLICIES AND STANDARDS GOVERNING EXPOSITIONS.

Exhibitors are fully responsible for their own booths. A full range of exhibitry and accessories is available from GES, the Official Show Decorator..

EXHIBITORS MUST PROVIDE CARPETING to cover the entire floor space of their booth. The only exception to this requirement is in the case where an Exhibitor wishes to use some other material (wood flooring, tile, etc.) or where prior approval from Show Management has been obtained. Please email your request for an alternate floor covering to Susan Boyd Van Exan, Coordinator, Show Operations at If you do not have your own carpeting, it can be rented from GES.

This is a “HARDWALL” show. There are no draped booths therefore you must supply the booth. A pop-up display and retractable banners are acceptable as long as they cover the full back wall at 8' high. Each exhibitor is responsible for covering the full length of their exhibit space at a height of 8’.

The above diagram is an example of a 10’ x 10’ Inline Booth. The backwall of the display runs a full 10' across to a height of 8'. While sidewalls are not encouraged, the projection of such is permitted but the 9' height must be limited to a maximum of 5' out from the rear of the booth, allowing 50% visibility at the sides of the exhibit. The remaining 5' must be at a height no greater than 4'. To access guidelines for other booth types, click on the following links:

Peninsula Booth

Split Island Booth

Island Booth

Perimeter Booth

All sides and surfaces of the exhibit (including booth, signs, display racks, shelves, etc.), which are exposed to view must be properly finished and decorated.

Large equipment or structures should be placed as close to the rear of the booth as possible. Consider your neighbours. Do not block their view.

There is an 8' high limitation as to the height of the equipment on display, unless authorized prior to the Show by Show Management.

Show Management reserves the right to refuse entry or to have removed at the Exhibitor's expense any display which is not in accordance with the information outlined here and in APPENDIX A - POLICIES & STANDARDS GOVERNING EXPOSITION. Exhibitors with a 400 square foot exhibit space or larger must obtain written approval from Show Management prior to Move-in. Full details including drawings with dimensions (and where possible photos) must be submitted to Susan Boyd Van Exan, Coordinator, Show Operations at no later than September 15th.

If you would like to ensure that your exhibit meets the Show criteria , please provide full details to Susan prior to September 15th.

Exhibit Space Insurance Requirements - MANDATORY

Neither Show Management nor The Metropolitan Toronto Convention Centre Corporation will accept responsibility for injury to persons, loss of, or damage to products, exhibits, equipment or decorations, by fire, accident, theft, or any other causes while in the building.

According to the Policies and Standards every exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that they have adequate insurance for their own personnel, exhibits and materials against all such hazards and General Liability Insurance with a minimum limit of $5,000,000.00.

IF YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT LIABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE, please instruct your insurer or their authorized representative to prepare a Certificate of Insurance naming Informa Canada Inc. (100 - 10 Alcorn Avenue, Toronto, ON M4V 3A9) and The Metropolitan Toronto Convention Centre Corporation (255 Front Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2W6) as additional insureds. We do not require that you send us a copy of the certificate but we do require that you sign the Exhibit Space Contract which states that you have the required insurance coverage. It is recommended however that you have a copy of your certificate onsite should the The Metropolitan Toronto Convention Centre Corporation require proof.

If you do not have the required insurance coverage, you may choose to purchase a special policy that meets all your needs from EXHIBITORINSURANCE.COM. This coverage will be temporary for the show, as well as, 3 days transit to and from the event. To order online, select the following link to access the EXHIBITORINSURANCE.COM website and follow the instructions provided.  You may also opt to complete the Exhibitors Liability Program Form and return it with payment to EXHIBITORINSURANCE.COM, Canfinse Group, 434 North Rivermede Road, Unit 3, Concord, ON L4K 3M9.  If payment is by credit card you can fax your application to 905-760-2260.  For more information contact Kim Libenstein at 905-695-2971 or by email

Overhead Signs

Exhibitors wishing to hang banners from the ceiling must first obtain approval from Show Management, and hanging must be contracted through ShowTech Power & Lighting. To make arrangements for sign/banner hanging complete the ShowTech Order Form and submit to ShowTech Power & Lighting. For more information, contact Lorna Reid Tel: 416-585-8109 Fax: 416-585-8255 Email:


Exhibitors are required to maintain staff within their booth during all show hours. To minimize the risk of theft we suggest you keep your booth staffed each night until the aisles have been cleared of attendees. Exhibitors are reminded that Show Management does not assume any responsibility for losses; therefore, exhibitors should take all reasonable precautions to protect their own property, including insurance. Security guards will be on 24-hour duty from start of move-in to the end of move-out. Show Management and The Metropolitan Toronto Convention Centre Corporation, however, do not assume any responsibility for losses incurred from pilferage or any other causes.

Exhibitors are strongly urged to remove small cartons and open cases of product or literature from the building immediately after the closing of the Show on the final day. Immediate removal of small items will minimize the possibility of loss or theft. It is recommended that small items be packed together in large crates or boxes that are too heavy or bulky to be carried away by one person. Show Management is not responsible for the loss of any item from an exhibitor's booth. During move-out, it is advisable that a representative from the exhibiting company remain with the booth until all goods and merchandise have been removed, either in person or by the service contractor or display company.

At the end of the Show, removal of goods in bond for shipment to the United States must first be cleared with The Commerce Trade Show Logistics Group Tel: 1-888-827-7469, fax: 905-673-2574 or contact Beverly Carson at or Rob Parr at for more information.

Sound Levels

Any attention arousing devices, such as noisemakers, flashing lights, movies, music, broadcasting, television, drawings, etc. are subject to Show Management approval. No approval will be given to devices that are obviously distracting. Sideshow tactics are inappropriate and are forbidden. Electrical and other mechanical apparatus must be muffled so that noise does not disturb other Exhibitors. To secure approval, forward your requests to Susan Boyd Van Exan, Coordinator, Show Operations at

In-Booth Demonstrations

Exhibitors wishing to conduct demonstrations within their booth space must secure written approval from Show Management at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of Move-in. To secure approval, forward full details of the demonstration including MSDS (material safety data sheets) where applicable to Susan Boyd Van Exan, Coordinator, Show Operations at Depending on the nature of the demonstration, further approval may be required from the Fire Marshall's Office and/or the Operations Manager of The Metropolitan Toronto Convention Centre Corporation. Only those demonstration that have been approved in writing by Show Management will be permitted to be conducted on the Show floor.

Mechanical and Other Conveyances

Mechanical conveyances such as electric carts, scooters or bicycles are not allowed in the aisles during Show hours, unless previously approved by Show Management. Forward your requests to Susan Boyd Van Exan, Coordinator, Show Operations at The only exception to this rule will be in the case of handicapped persons; or in the case of authorized show duty personnel. In addition, no other form of manual or "push" carts or dollies will be permitted on the Show Floor. Stocking of booth materials, which require such conveyances, must be done outside of Show hours.

Competitions and Draws

Sales promotions and competitions conducted by Exhibitors in conjunction with their display are encouraged by Show Management but must be free of any obligation on the part of the winner. Prize-winners must not be required to place an order before collecting the prize offered. All such competitions must comply with any existing government regulations.

Soliciting, Samples & Souvenirs

Distribution of samples, souvenirs and promotional material and soliciting of business must be confined to the Exhibitor's own space. Such activities are not permitted in the aisles, restaurants, registration areas, hallways or other exhibits. Exhibitors wishing to enter another Exhibitor's area may do so if invited.

Only participating Exhibitors have the exclusive right to promote or sell goods or services in this Show. All other parties who attempt to make any solicitations without the express written permission of Show Management will be permanently removed from the Show area. Exhibitors are asked to report any infractions to the Show Office so that immediate remedial action can be taken.

Samples of food and beverage items are permitted but are subject to both prior approval by The Metropolitan Toronto Convention Centre Corporation and explicit rules regarding size and quantity. For more information, refer to the Food & Beverage Sample Request form or contact Jannet Gibson Tel: 416-585-8327, Fax: 416-585-8251, or email: for more information.

Fire Safety Reply - MANDATORY

The Ontario Building Code prohibits the use of flammable materials in booth construction and decor. Exhibitors requiring flame proofing are advised to contact the Fire Safety Officer in advance. The Fire Marshall will remove equipment and materials considered hazardous at the Exhibitor's expense. Review the Fire Rules & Regulations for Exhibitors and complete and return the Fire Safety Reply Form by October 25, 2012 or contact the Fire Safety Officer, Michel Genier at 416-585-8278 or by email at for more information.

Fire Rules & Regulations for Exhibitors
Must be read by all Exhibitors

Fire Safety Reply Form
Submission Deadline: October 25, 2012

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