2012 Speaking Opportunities

The Concrete Canada conference program is designed to educate and inform industry members in the latest advances and best practices in design, construction, project delivery, and management of all types of buildings.

Submit a Proposal

You are invited to submit a seminar proposal for Concrete Canada 2012, which will be held in the South Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on November 28 -30, 2012.

The Evaluation Process

Members of the Program Advisory Committee evaluate all proposed programs based on the following criteria: overall quality, relevance to the industry, practical applications of material, timeliness of the topic, and speaker qualifications.

To be considered as a speaker, the program must be generic in nature – that is, sales presentations will not be accepted. In addition, the material should be original; otherwise, sources must be referenced. Incomplete programs will not be considered.

Final program selections will be made and presenters will be notified two months prior to the Show.

Seminar Guidelines

Seminar should last 75 minutes, including a brief question and answer period. We will seek continuing education credits from OAA, OBEC, and/or BOMA for all programs once they are selected.

Submissions are currently being reviewed, but if you have a great idea we would still love to hear about it.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to reviewing your submission. If you have any questions please contact Laura Aaron at laaron@mmart.com.

Submit a Proposal



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